Season 2, Episode J

Migrarrhea finds a new home!

Migrarrhea has moved to Mixcloud going forward and has joined up with the crew over at The Morning Pizza Radio Collective.

The tenth episode of Migrarrhea (a dead series that ended at the end of 2020…  resurrected in early 2022 (only to die off again) and again in October 2023 (and has been in limbo since then) … But it is now back (but who knows for how long?).

This episode will be more stream-of-consciousness narrative rants mixed with various music and commentary.

  • The letter “J” will represent all music in this podcast, including songs, bands, and albums that begin with that letter.
  • Special Guest commentator: Corey Cardwell discusses “Songs That Are Complete Shit” (AKA “S.T.A.C.S”)