Welcome to Migrarrhea!

This is a Podcast full of random musings comical observations but discusses underrated music, film, TV, art, and books, and reviews of other forms of entertainment.

This podcast is uncensored and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Listener discretion is advised.

Migrarrhea on Mixcloud

Migrarrhea is now hosted on Mixcloud.

What does this mean for current listeners?

  • You can’t listen to the show on your typical Podcast portal (like Spotify, Apple Music, etc).
  • You will either have to listen to the show in your web browser, or download the Mixcloud app.

Allied Forces

Migrarrhea is now part of the Morning Pizza Radio Collective!

What is the Morning Pizza Radio Collective?

  • Morning Pizza Radio Collective is a group of Gen-X creators bringing you custom shows, curated music playlists and weekly podcasts.

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